Supplier Disqualification

Permanent disqualification

Any supplier that has sent Logan Aluminum any of the following will be permanently disqualified as a supplier.


Any load found with deliberate placement of non-aluminum and non-shreddable solids inside bales/cubes of material tat could cause damage to Logan Aluminum equipment or expose employees to a safety risk.

Any load found with deliberate introduction of air bag canisters, live ammunition or other items/materials with a severe safety effect.

Any loads with radiation detected (at or above 2 times background levels) or with deliberate unsafe acts. All costs and liability associated with such acts shall be the responsibility of the scrap supplier.

Potential Disqualification

Any supplier that has sent Logan Aluminum any of the following may face disqualification.

  1. Loads rejected for butane lighters, aerosol cans, air bag canisters, live ammunition, hypodermic needles, flammable liquids or other safety related items found during inspection.
  2. Any load rejected for unsafe trailer floors.
  3. Loads with contaminants found inside material before or during the shredding process that interrupts production rates.
  4. Multiple loads with moisture above 6%.
  5. Multiple loads rejected for packaging issues.
  6. Multiple downgraded loads.
  7. Multiple loads rejected for contamination or moisture.
  8. Excessive loads requiring a weight tally.
  9. Multiple loads with incomplete bill of lading information.
Examples of Contaminants Subject to Disqualification

Disqualification - Supplier Action

When the supplier is notified of disqualification:

  1. Supplier should immediately verify source and have any un-delivered or on-site material quarantined. This containment information should be supplied to the Logan Raw Materials group and TAA.
  2. The source of the disqualified load will be earmarked in the Logan Receiving System to prevent future scheduling.
  3. Supplier will be subject to a fee for any equipment damages and/or downtime experienced due to the contaminants in the load.
  4. Supplier should provide a root cause and effective corrective action to Logan Raw Materials and TAA. The attached CAR form is available for use, but supplier-specific CAR forms will be accepted.
  5. To reinstate a source, a requalification proposal should be submitted to TAA for review. Only after TAA approval of the corrective action and requalification proposal can a source be reinstated for delivery.
  6. Requalified sources will continue to be monitored and are subject to all standard quality requirements.