Last updated on January 9th, 2023 at 04:30 pm

Packaging Specifications


Briquette material must be bundled together with enough banding to minimize material loss while being handled, and be stacked on a pallet without affecting the stability of the bundle.

Baled material must be compacted and banded or wire together to minimize material loss while being handled. It must also be stable enough for stacking purposes.

Bundles must be strapped to the pallet. Pallets and boxes must be of sturdy construction and maintain their integrity while handling.

Proper Banding

Bales (TALDON) and High Density Bales

  • Banding – min 6, max 10
  • 10-gauge aluminum
  • 5/8”x.020” steel
  • 5/8”x.036” plastic
  • 13 gauge steel
  • Bales should separate into sections when banding/wire is cut
  • Bales of uniform size are preferred.
  • Use of support sheets (cardboard, plastic, etc) is not acceptable.

Biscuits (TALDACK)

  • Banding – banding slots in both directions (two vertical, min 4 horizontal)
  • 5/8”x.020” steel
  • 5/8”x.036” plastic


Gaylord Boxes

  • Material in Gaylord boxes will not be accepted unless prior approval from TAA is given.
  • Maximum Size - 50 in x 50 in x 48 in tall
  • Minimum Size - 24 in x 24 in x 24 in tall
  • Box must be on a pallet
  • No cover on box preferred
  • Steel band around center of box preferred


Pallet Specifications


For more information on ISRI scrap types please see: Nonferrous | ISRI