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Alloy Receiving

All information on this page is subject to change without notice. Failure to provide the following information or to follow procedures may result in significant delay or rejection of the shipment.


Failure to provide the following information may result in significant delay or rejection of the shipment. BOL (Bill of Lading) that is clear and readable. Information on the BOL to include: The correct PO (Purchase Order) number Producing plant name, No blind loads. Using the vendor or warehouse name in place of the producing plant is UNACCEPTABLE Correct piece count Correct shipped weight Alloy COA (Certificate of Analysis). COA must have the following information: Analysis for each heat Average chemistry for the load The "receiver" number assigned at the Logan gatehouse.



Directions to the plant can be obtained by calling 270.755.6700 or checking our Contact & Directions page. All drivers must have the unload number upon arrival at Logan.


Some deliveries may be redirected to the nearby (10 miles) Russellville warehouse depending on current inventory at the Logan plant. A redirected truck MUST return to Logan to be weighed out.


Deliveries are accepted Monday - Friday from 7:00am - 5:00pm with the exception of Magnesium, which will not be accepted past 2:30pm. On time delivery is defined as "appointed delivery time ±1 hour".


No deliveries are accepted on Saturdays, Sundays, or national holidays. Deliveries without a proper appointment will not be accepted. Shipments by flat bed or rail car will not be accepted.


If an appointment must be cancelled, shippers must notify Logan by calling 270.755.6042, so that appointment time can be available for other deliveries.


Deliveries will not be accepted without a proper appointment. Appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Appointments and an "unload number" can be obtained by calling 270.755.6042.

Late Delivery

If a delivery will be late, the driver or dispatch must inform Logan of proposed new delivery time by calling 270.755.6042. If appointment time is missed the truck must wait until on-time deliveries are unloaded.

Missed Delivery

Shipments arriving later than 5:00pm (2:30pm for magnesium) may not be unloaded until the next weekday during normal delivery times.

Gate Location & Directions

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Shipments by Van

  1. Product must be kept dry. The van must not have holes such that rain water can contaminate the product.  Door gaskets must be in place and effective in keeping moisture from contaminating the product.
  2. All product must be on pallets or have some integrated pallet system.  Logan will not remove products from vans using lifting loops.
  3. Product must be rear loaded such that it can be easily removed by forklift.
  4. Product must not be placed within 5 feet of the trailer door.
  5. Trucks MUST remain in line near the truck scale until called for unloading. Trucks MUST not proceed to the unloading area without permission of the Logan unloading personnel.
  6. Drivers MUST follow all safety rules communicated to them when at the gatehouse. Drivers must wear safety glasses, not sunglasses and ear protection. Drivers MUST stay with their truck.
  7. Dunnage must not be left at Logan and must leave with the truck.
  8. The driver must ensure the van is chocked.
  9. The driver must put the truck ignition key in the lock box located near the loading dock.
  10. Drivers MUST NOT leave the loading dock area unless accompanied by a Logan employee.
  11. Any driver behavior deemed inappropriate will result in rejection of the load and the driver being banned from plant site.