Last updated on March 15th, 2023 at 02:51 pm

General Requirements

 1.  Purchasing Order Contingency

Each purchase order or contract is contingent upon the supplier’s acceptance of these terms. Supplier acknowledges that delivery of any material to TAA / Logan shall be deemed acceptance of these terms, and agrees that any terms and conditions contained in a proposal, quotation, acknowledgement, acceptance, invoice, or other document of supplier which are different from or in addition to these terms and conditions shall not constitute a part of the purchase order and are hereby expressly rejected, and that no employee of TAA nor Logan is authorized to or may, waive nor modify these rights. 

2.  Supporting Documentation

Shipping documentation must accompany each load. The documentation must be either provided by the driver or affixed to the shipping container. The documentation must be accurate and clearly state the following:

• Purchase order number
• Appointment Number
• Bill of Lading number
• Material Classification
• Material Source (yard)
• Items Shipped
• Piece Count of each material type
• Gross, tare weights of each material type

*All Inbound scrap deliveries MUST include the origin location on the provided Bill of Lading*

Incorrect/missing information on the shipment documentation may result in either a delay in unloading or in a rejection of the receipt of the material.

Split Loads

Documentation must support the material on the truck. The recommendation for loading split loads is to load the material type with the greatest quantity first. Then load the material type with the second greatest quantity next. Then the remainder of the material can be loaded. No more than 3 material types per load.

3.  Insurance

Each vendor selling scrap or metal to TAA / Logan shall have and maintain adequate minimum insurance coverage including but not limited to, general and product liability insurance coverage, protective of both TAA / Logan and supplier from any and all claims and liabilities for property damage, personal injury, death, and economic damage, that arise from the material and associated activities, hereunder, endorsed as required, at all times while conducting business with TAA / Logan.

4.  Material Safety Data Sheet

Per the requirements of 29 CFR 1910.1200, the supplier, vendor, or importer must provide a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the metal or scrap sold to TAA.