Last updated on August 16th, 2023 at 02:39 pm

Receiving Hours

UBC/OPS- 5:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Class 1 – 5:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Class 3 – 6:00 AM – 3:00 PM

*By appointment only


Van trailer deliveries enter through Gate 4.  Pick up the phone at the entrance kiosk and provide Gate 4 personnel with your Logan Aluminum Appointment number.  Gate 4 personnel will give instruction from this point forward.


Drivers must exit the cab, give their keys to Logan personnel, and chock the wheels of their trailer.


Driver must stay in an area designated by Logan personnel while wearing hardhat, safety glasses & high visibility clothing.
Clothing must consist of pants, long-sleeves, and closed-toe shoes.


After keys and paperwork have been returned the driver must sweep trailer at the designated sweep station.  After clean out is complete driver should immediately exit through Gate 4 for exit processing.

Expectations for Drivers

PPE Requirements: Safety Glasses, Hard Hat, Pants, Long Sleeve Shirt, Closed Toed Shoes, and High Visibility Clothing. If any of this is not worn when arriving at any dock, it will result in automatic rejection.

  • Drivers must check in at Truck Processing with correct unload number and paperwork upon arrival.
  • Drivers for all Inbound Deliveries to Logan Aluminum will leave their Driver’s License at the Gatehouse upon check in.The Driver’s License will be returned once the trucks have been correctly out-processed.
  • Truck drivers will be instructed by Truck Processing Attendants of plant rules and required PPE. After being checked-in drivers will be sent to the truck staging area to wait for unloading.
  • Truck drivers will wait at staging area with load secured. Operators will direct drivers to the designated area for unloading.
  • Drivers are required to wear proper PPE when out of truck unstrapping load.
  • If driver must get on trailer to unstrap load, safety rails must be attached to trailer. Safety rails are located at Metal Control, Hotmill unloading area, and Tarping areas.
  • All drivers must chock the wheels of their trailer before the unloading operator will start the unloading/loading process.
  • All drivers must give ignition key(s) to the unloading operator who will maintain possession of the key(s) until the unloading/loading process has been completed.
  • Forklift operator will not start unloading trailer until all straps and/or chains are rolled up and/or put away.
  • All drivers and passengers must remain OUT OF THEIR TRUCK and stay in the designated waiting areas provided by Logan Aluminum until the unloading/loading process has been completed.
  • Absolutely NO cans, bottles, or butane lighters allowed onsite.
  • All drivers are responsible for cleaning/sweeping out their own trailers into designated area provided by Logan Aluminum.
  • No one other than Logan Aluminum personnel allowed on the dock areas at anytime.
  • When unloading is complete driver will be instructed how to exit to the outbound scales.
  • Any driver behavior deemed inappropriate will result in the rejection of the load and the driver being banned from the plant site.

Van Delivery Requirements


Expectations for Van Deliveries

  1. The minimum height requirement is 105 inches.
  2. All vans must have floors in good condition. Any vans found to have unsafe floor conditions will not be unloaded.
  3. Trailers with roll-up doors will not be accepted.
  4. Trailers with a flat tire or potentially unsafe floor damage will not be accepted.
  5. Material must be braced or loaded in a manner to prevent material shifting. If the material has shifted it will not be unloaded if determined to be unsafe to the operator or damage to the trailer may occur.
  6. Sufficient spacing must be maintained between the material and the roof/sides of the trailer. Material packed or wedged into the trailer will not be unloaded unless the trucking company or driver signs a waiver releasing Logan and Logan personnel of all liability.
  7. Trucks must remain in line near the truck scale until called for unloading. Trucks must not proceed to the unloading area without permission of the Logan unloading personnel.
  8. Drivers must follow all safety rules communicated to them when at the gatehouse. Drivers must stay with their truck. Drivers may enter the Recycle Receiving office but must not enter any production areas.
  9. Dunnage must not be left at Logan and must leave with the truck.
  10. Logan personnel will NOT be responsible for sweeping out trailers.
  11. Logan personnel will NOT be responsible for the removal or addition of any load stabilizers, wood braces, or any material used to secure a load in the trailer.