Contact Us

Contact Person
Supplier Performance Reports Marvin Wayne Wells (270)755-6201
Meltable Quality/Chemistry Issues John Zeh (270)755-6000
RSI/Prime/Meltalble Purchasing, Contracts

Randy Stevens
Tri-Arrows Aluminum Inc.


Kim Brohm
Tri-Arrows Aluminum Inc.






RSI/Prime/Meltalble Purchasing, Contracts

Aaron Christensen

Novelis, Inc.

RSI Receiving Issues Marvin Wayne Wells (270)755-6201
Check Analysis Program Tracy Herron (270)755-6303
Logan Recycle Receiving Coordinator Fred Carter (270)755-6298
Logan Recycle Fred Carter (270)755-6298


Alloy / Hardener Contacts

Contact Person
Chemistry, Quality John Zeh (270)755-6000
Hardener Receiving* Kevin Peay (270)755-6799
Alloy/Hardener Purchasing* Gary Gettings (270)755-6714

* Hardeners = Silicon, Iron, Copper, Manganese, Magnesium, Grain Refiners, etc.


Emergency Contact List for
Meltable and Hardener Safety Issues

Ask the Logan operator to transfer you to one of the persons listed below.  You must speak to a person to inform them of a safety issue with a meltable or hardener shipped to us.  Leaving a message on an answering system is unacceptable.  We can be reached at the plant or on mobile phone.


Contact Order
First Marvin Wayne Wells (270)755-6000
Second Michael (Roy) Yonts (270)755-6000
Third John Zeh (270)755-6000
Fourth Rickey Hall (270)755-6000

Dan Buerck