Recycle Supplier Suspension/Disqualification Guidelines

Posted: 01/24/2014

Permanent disqualification

Any supplier that has sent Logan Aluminum any of the following will be permanently disqualified as a supplier.

  • Any loads with radiation detected (at or above 2 times background levels) or with deliberate unsafe acts. All costs and liability associated with such acts shall be the responsibility of the scrap supplier.
  • Any load found with deliberate seeding of contaminates inside bales or cubes of material.
  • Any load found with deliberate introduction of air bag canisters, live ammunition or other items/materials with a severe safety effect.

Potential disqualification requiring reinstatement after root cause/corrective actions/verification and approval of TAA/Logan

Any supplier that has sent Logan Aluminum any of the following may face disqualification.  If disqualified, the suppler may be reinstated provided an effective root cause / corrective action / verification process is completed.  Only after TAA/Logan approves this process will the supplier be reinstated.

  • Loads rejected for butane lighters, aerosol cans, air bag canisters, live ammunition, hypodermic needles, flammable liquids or other safety related items found during inspection.
  • Any load rejected for unsafe trailer floors.
  • Loads with contaminants found inside material during the shredding process that interrupts production rates.
  • Multiple loads with moisture above 6%.
  • Multiple loads rejected for packaging issues.
  • Multiple downgraded loads.
  • Multiple loads rejected for contamination or moisture.
  • Excessive loads requiring a weight tally.
  • Multiple loads with incomplete bill of lading information.