About Us

Logan Aluminum is a Delaware registered corporation.  We are a joint venture with 2 shareholders; Novelis Corporation and Tri-Arrows Aluminum Inc.  Physically located near Russellville, Kentucky, Logan Aluminum is a leading manufacturer of flat rolled aluminum sheet, primarily for use in the beverage can market.  At Logan Aluminum, we use the latest technology, but it is the commitment of ‘every individual, every team, every day’ to improve and advance in concert with our unique team-based work system that has propelled us to a leadership position in the industry.

Mission Statement

Logan Aluminum will demonstrate continual improvement in our capabilities to create value for our associates, customers, and employees by maintaining leadership positions in product quality, customer service, cost, safety and environmental performance, through progressive management concepts and innovative use of technology, our physical assets and human resources.

Safety & Environmental


Safety Values

Hierarchy of Values

At Logan Aluminum our vision is to demonstrate an increasing capability to operate injury free and to eliminate all ‘”Life Changing Injuries”.

We value the safety and well being of our employees, contractors, visitors that enter into our facility. This is a core value at Logan Aluminum and is paramount in the successful operation of our business.

• Value for the well being of co-workers

• Safety as a core value vs. a priority

• Developing a value that recognizes and reacts to risk


• Governing Safety Principles
• The POWER Process
• Employee Engaged Risk Identification
• Continuous Improvement
• Stop & Think
• Emergency Preparedness and Response


Our Environmental Initiative

 We place a strong emphasis on our environmental stewardship.

• Our man-made wetlands consist of a 40 acre ecosystem, which acts a “natural” filtration of our process waste water, reducing our dependence on energy and treatment chemicals before discharge.

• Several water re-use projects have been implemented through continuous improvement initiatives that have led to a 40 % reduction of raw water necessary to operate the facility.

• Our effort in environmental sustainability includes investments in updating air pollution control equipment. Recycling many types of non-product outputs. Including, wooden pallets, cardboard, electronics, white paper, etc.

• Additionally, we have an established Energy Reduction Task Force that is charged with minimizing total plant energy usage through investment of new technology and continuous improvement activities.